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(Currently in Development)

An international physical theatre production blending puppetry and cinematic storytelling to explore the enigma that is Jerzy Kosinski, the controversial Polish-American author of "The Painted Bird" and "Being There". This production repurposes events from Kosinski’s life and work and explores his lifelong re-imagining of reality - a survival response to the terrors he faced during WWII, but which ultimately led to his personal and professional downfall. The Kosinski Project is an exploration of ‘creative survival’ and an artist who was born out of trauma.

Using life-size puppets and hyper-realistic masks, 4 performer-puppeteers portray the story of an author confronting his demons through a hallucinatory flow of interwoven scenes, utilizing physical and visual storytelling elements to convey the fragmented and jarring images from the life of this forgotten mythmaker.

Concept, Direction: Viktor Lukawski
Dramaturgy: Bobby Theodore
Puppet Design: Pascale Blaison

Performers: Andreu Martinez Costa, Adam Paolozza, Sacha Plaige, Viktor Lukawski

Length: 60-75 mins.
For adults and teenagers aged 14+

Premiere: May 2020, Toronto, Canada

Ideally for a black box theatre, max size: 200
Raked seating is necessary for visibility

Stage dimensions
Width: 9 meters
Depth: 9 meters
Height: 5 meters

Get in: 12 hours (approx.)
Get out: 4 hours (approx.)

More information will become available as project finishes development.